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One Foundation is on a mission

One Foundation is a vehicle for positive social impact across critical sectors in the economy. Driven by the unique challenges facing Africa and the need for progressive change, we are committed to be the benchmark of positive social impact in Nigeria by creating sustainable solutions for youth empowerment and job creation via impactful sectors.

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Mission Image

What we do

At One Foundation, we have prioritized critical sectors for investment and impact.

The sectors are:
Education, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Transport and Health. We execute this working with strategic local and international partners in select communities and projects across the country.

Our approach is to be both practical and visionary. We will enable transformational change, as convener and catalyst. We will also accelerate social impact by maximizing scale in building capacity and sharing technical expertise using digital platforms.

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Giving is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to creating lasting social impact, reducing poverty and creating a better world.

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Africa Social Impact Summit

ASIS is the pioneer gathering of leaders from the private and public sectors, civil society organizations and development community to find innovative sustainable solutions to Africa's key developmental challenges.

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