Women Economic Empowerment Programs

We offer various women empowerment programs which include SOF Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Program(SOF – SWEEP), SOF Prep-D-Queen Project, and Agriculture Support Program for Rural Women Farmers

SOF Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment (SOF – SWEEP)

SOF Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Program  (SOF SWEEP) aims to build and improve the capacity of female entrepreneurs, using an integrated approach of business entrepreneurship training, coaching, mentoring and linkage to entrepreneurial ecosystem.

SOF will support new entrepreneurs, start-ups and give enterprising women the knowledge, networks and access they need to launch and scale successful businesses.

SOF Prep-D-Queen Project

The goal of this project is to equip women and girls both in the Urban and Rural areas, with economically viable skills that can make them financially independent for the promotion of gender equality, enhancement of livelihood and self-sufficiency over the next 5 years.

The project is designed to improve the economic livelihood of female undergraduates, graduates, urban and rural women.

Agriculture Support Program for Rural Women Farmers (ASP- Rural Women)

Nigerian women play important roles in food and agriculture. It is reported that women small holder farmers constitute 70-80 percent of the Agriculture labor force. They produce the bulk of food for domestic consumption and are the drivers of food processing, marketing and preservation.

In spite of all these enormous tasks, they have limited access to land, credit facilities, farm input training and advice, technology and crop insurance among other things. The issues of women small holder-farmers cannot be separated from the border issues of gender equality and discrimination against women.

ASP-Rural Women is focused on upscaling the production and livelihood of rural women smallholder farmers (SHF) and other women in agri-business, through a structured cluster approach designed to build their capacity, improve their production output and economic returns.